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At Pierce Box & Paper, we will partner with you to customize our inventory management program to meet your needs. For over 60 years, we have built our company to provide service to our clients in the same the way we would like to be taken care of.

Our mission is to satisfy our customers by providing the most innovative and up-to-date packaging services and solutions.

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Individuals welcome back stress after each holiday season filled with celebrations and fun-filled moments. There are packages that will be sent, packages to be received and packages that need to be organized. Reliability of packaging services in the recent years has evolved, making the sending and the receiving of these boxes more efficient than ever, but this comes more of an investment from your part. Packaging has also expanded more from just boxes shipped with jewelry, CDs, and other stuff that you need to bring forward. It is beyond merely just bringing these boxes over from warehouses right toward the households. As a matter of fact, there is a new system today called military packaging. If you are interested about how this works and how it provides benefits for clients like you, then you have to stay and read through the rest of this article.

The Military

The military is a necessary part of any society and despite the reality that it is a sub-concept of any sovereign state, it is considered a world that moves on its own. Different from the ordinary citizens, military personnel follow their own set of rules and traditions but just like everyone else, they also have a need to hire services for their everyday lives. While services like packaging are also used in the military, you will have to know that there are slight differences when it comes to serving this group. Military packaging is one example.

Unlike the ordinary way of doing this, this type of service will not be simply making use of bubble wraps, cardboard boxes, sticker labels, postage stamps and tapping on the vehicle to signal that it is ready for shipment. The category standards when it comes to these particular services require a significant amount of time, attention and commitment. Just like any other service, they have also changed through the years.

What they Package?

Packaging for the military deals with things that are used for combat, support missions and logistics among many others. Some of the things that are included may range from weapons, bullets, medical stuff and others in between. The nature of these materials and equipment will speak for how much commitment and attention are needed to be made so you should have an idea about this.

The basic idea about these kinds of services is that, these boxes or containers should be able to strongly protect these equipment that are transported not just from city to city, but almost within remote areas and provincial terrains as well. They are also exposed to weather conditions in the dessert, mountains and forests among many others. At the central theme of these needs is the motivation to be able to exude preparation and readiness when the time that these materials will be used.