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The science and art of military packaging that is mostly served within the United States government is a result of a well-recognized necessity for logistics. The history of this service can be traced back from so many years and the innovation has just evolved throughout the years that followed. With the existence of more technological innovations that have helped service providers streamline their offerings, the packaging field has also followed suit. Military packaging stands as a strong force that can lead military operations to success.

But there are people who have not yet understood everything about this particular kind of packaging and they need to immerse themselves to more experiences. It is also not appreciated right now by all industries despite the fact that it’s very popular in fields that need them. To avoid unnecessary opinions, it is important to separate fact from fiction. This article will provide you with the awareness and the reasons why these services exist. This will lead you to the history of the services and why there is a need for military personnel, leaders or troops, to recognize the need to organize their suppliers in the right ways.

The Beginning

This service is generally contemporary. The demand for these requirements on packaging these materials started out during the World War II in the 1940s where there are troop units that encountered losses in the supplies because of bad packaging. The same issue has been encountered by Navy forces during an operation in 1942. There were already packaging activities that existed before but they were never enough to serve the general objectives of the military. It has affected their planning and operations.

Back in the 1910s, the most common packages that housed these suppliers were crates, barrels and wood boxes. If you follow the history of the Wild West, these are the materials that are seen in supply distribution fields. These packages are strong, sturdy and built intricately by many craftsmen. Today, these are still used in some applications.

The Demand

Eventually, the military managers and planners began to recognize the need for the right packaging for their materials. Not only on the actual service but what they demanded was a project that will save them the cost and improve their profits. It was in the years that followed that railroads in the United States started to recognize and approve the use of fiberboard containers shipped within freights and trains. Then in the 1930s, there were new rules that surrounded these boxes and the demand grew in the civil agencies. The need to package things that are immediately consumed grew. This led to the influences brought over to the military field when dealing with supplies that have to arrive right in their bases.